International body transport

We undertake body transfers from and to the following destingations:
Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg

We contact the competent Greek and German authorities to obtain all the required documentation and arrange the translations of the certifications in German, Greek, English, or Polish language.

At the Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home, all of us are known for the high level and the excellent quality of our services, characteristics that made us pioneers and helped gain the first place in customers’ preferences.
Thanks to our highly effective contacts, we make a massive network of cooperating high-standard funeral homes throughout Greece available to our clients. Being a member of FIAT-IFTA, we can operate on an international level whenever there is the need for body transfer within the country or abroad and in any location of your choice.

We collect all required documentation from all consular and public authorities and provide any specialized care and embalming of the deceased or maintenance of the body for its burial in his homeland.

General information on body transport

The transportation of a body abroad requires strict compliance with relevant national regulations. The International Body Transport Certificate (Leichenpass) must be issued to transport a dead body to another country.

The following documents are required to obtain the above body transport certificate:

1. Death certificate or temporary death certificate from the registry office.
2. The death certificate issued by the doctor.
3. Certificate from the funeral home stating that the deceased was placed in a casket.
4. Medical certificate from the hospital, the forensic services, or the health services confirming that there is no risk of infectious diseases.
5. In case there is a suspicion that the death did not occur from natural causes or if the details of the deceased are unknown, relevant special permission should be granted by the Prosecutor’s Office or by a judge.
6. Details of the transport route, including point of dispatch, means of transport, course, and place of destination of the body.
7. The names and all details of the closest relatives.
8. Issuance of a burial permit by the municipality of the place of burial.
In various countries, it is necessary to embalm or beautify the dead (Thanatopraxia). Our specially trained staff provides body care, not only according to the German rites and practices but also according to international body care and maintenance standards. We show great respect to the deceased, and we embalm or beautify the body following the Christian customs devotedly.

Many countries require a customs document from the Landfill Service.
In case of the deceased’s cremation in his homeland, you will need two additional certificates (from the doctor and the health services) confirming that the death occurred from natural causes.

The Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home intends to relieve you of the inevitable stress of gathering all the required documents and certificates. We undertake consistently and reliably all the necessary formalities, accreditations, arrangements, and in general, the entire organization of a body transport within the country or abroad, whether it is repatriation or transfer to Greece.

Immediate service in Greek: