Action guide in case of death

What too do in case of a loss

When we lose a loved one, the daily routine gets disrupted, and the rhythms of the lives of those who remain become more intense during the period that leads to the last farewell. Infinite practical issues arise that need to be addressed. Still, the intense feelings of pain and sadness that people experience deter their ability to think calmly and rationally and take immediate and practical actions.

The sorrow and grief that one feels affect both the memory and the ability to organize and achieve goals.

For this reason, we have compiled a short but detailed action guide in case of death with which we aim to offer you advice and guidance.

Death Action Guide:

In any case of out-of-hospital passing, a doctor who will certify the death must be notified.

The Alpha – Omega Funeral Home, the Funeral Home of your choice, will then be notified to schedule an appointment during which we will discuss the services you need and advise you.

During the advisory meeting, and if possible, it would be helpful if you could provide us with the following documents :

1. Identity card or passport of the deceased

2. Certificate of marital status or marriage certificate

3. Birth certificate

4. Deed of death of the spouse (in the case the dead survived his/her spouse)

5. Divorce court decision (in case the deceased was divorced)

6. Birth certificate of all children under 18 years of age (minor)

The following documents are necessary for Greeks that have been living in Germany for a very long time:

1. Retirement certificates to inform the insurance company about the termination of pension, widow’s pension, disability pension, supplementary pension, child allowance.

2. Health insurance, possibly a health card.

If you have chosen the Alpha-Omega as the funeral home of your trust, you are not bound by third party decisions concerning the commissioning of the transfer of the body to a different funeral home, regardless of the place of death, burial, or residence of the deceased.

If death occurs in the home

Notify your GP, who will certify the death and issue the relevant certificate. If you can not find him, then call 112 and ask for the emergency doctor to come.
Your next step is to get in touch with us. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will discuss with you any further action.
If you wish to mourn the dead at home for up to 36 hours, we will arrange everything necessary for this purpose.
Otherwise, take care of the preparation of the clothes you wish for the deceased to wear. Nowadays, “the black dress” is no longer necessary. The clothing should reflect the character and personality of the dead. If it is not possible for you to prepare the deceased’s clothes, then we can alternatively offer you the so-called “shroud”.
The death certificate must accompany the deceased. It will be picked up by our staff who will come to your home to transport the body.

If the death occurs in a hospital or nursing home

The competent / treating physician issues the death certificate.
Your next step is to let us know. You can find us by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will discuss your wishes and plan accordingly.
Leave the death certificate at the hospital or the nursing home. Our staff will receive it from the hospital’s secretariat or the nursing home and transport the body.
Prepare the attire you wish the deceased to wear or bring it with you to our office when you come for your funeral consultation. Today “black suit or black clothing” is no longer necessary. The clothing should reflect the personality and temperament of the deceased. In case you can’t prepare the clothes of the dead, we can offer you alternative solutions.

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