Organization of funeral ceremonies / cremations

We organize the ceremony you desire

The Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home can organize burials, anonymous burials, or cremations from the classic types to the most modern ones. You are provided with embalming services by professionals accredited by international institutions.

We offer a great variety of coffins you can choose from. You can also select the appropriate decoration for the church and the hall with the ideal composition of flowers and flower pillars.

Furthermore, the Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home organizes burials in the sea in all known places in Greece, in the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea.

In case of a cremation, our customers have the opportunity to turn the ashes of the deceased into a diamond. Whether in an urn or the form of a gemstone, your loved one will always be with you.

The options of burial types vary and are consistent with your preferences.

We are available, accessible, cooperative, and able to satisfy your desires. You will find us by your side in the hour of pain. For this reason, we are available to come to your house and provide you with our advice without any time restrictions.

Trust our many years of experience and promptly contact us to get all detailed information regarding types of burials to perfectly organize and implement the desired farewell to your loved one.

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