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Who We are

We are the No.1 funeral home in Germany thanks to our customers’ choices. The excellent reputation the Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home has acquired over the years has been a direct result of unparalleled service, a highly trained staff, and a continuing awareness of community needs and changes.

From 1968 until today, we are constantly by your side 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering our support and services at one of the most challenging times in your lives.

With seriousness, responsibility, respect, and professionalism, we accomplish the perfect arrangement of a carefully organized funeral ceremony.

In the context of dealing with the grief that follows the loss of a loved one, we are close to you, aiming at providing you with our services regarding the preparation of the funeral service for your beloved deceased and offering you our psychological support and advice without time restrictions.

Trust the Alpha-Omega Funeral Home for prompt, swift, and responsible service, with dignity, compassion, and discretion.


Guided by more than 50 years of experience, we provide you with prompt and complete services regarding the perfect funeral ceremony’s management and organization for your deceased loved one.

Carrying out

of funeral

body transport


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Action guide
in case of death

When we lose a loved one, the daily routine gets disrupted, and the rhythms of the lives of those who remain become more intense during the period that leads to the last farewell. Infinite practical issues arise that need to be addressed. Still, the intense feelings of pain and sadness that people experience deter their ability to think calmly and rationally and take immediate and practical actions.

The sorrow and grief that one feels affect both the memory and the ability to organize and achieve goals.

For this reason, we have compiled a short but detailed action guide in case of death with which we aim to offer you advice and guidance.

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