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What will the cost of the ceremony be?

Funeral expenses are only a fraction of the final amount you are required to pay at a funeral home.

At the Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home, we offer you a complete individualized package with the necessary and essential services related to the deceased’s burial, body transport, or cremation.

By personal consultation, we can list all the calculated individual expenses to give you an accurate picture of the fees for the services you choose. The total cost can be calculated when all the separate expenses are considered and only after a personal discussion with the client.

The price differences between the various burial ceremonies are significant, and meeting the costs varies. Indicatively, we mention that the anonymous burial in an urn is today the most economical burial way.

It is imperative to be informed extensively and in detail about all the possible costs of a funeral because different funeral homes while offering the same services, charge different amounts. Even within the same area, the differences in funeral expenses are enormous.

If you are wondering what one can do to avoid possible “unpleasant surprises” from unforeseen charges and be sure that the funeral expenses will not exceed their financial possibilities, here are some helpful tips.

Gather timely information by doing market research and comparing suggested prices
After being informed about the cost of the funeral, ask for detailed information on the total cost of organizing and implementing the services you choose
Do not trust funeral homes that claim that no one can give you the exact cost of a funeral.
Some services, such as doctor’s cost, autopsy, or the cost of keeping the body in a refrigerator, cannot be calculated in advance. However, any funeral home that respects both itself and its customers should provide a relatively accurate cost estimate with minimal deviations.

Many feel that even a simple reference to funeral expenses shows disrespect for both the deceased and the pain of those left behind. Yet, It is by no means inappropriate to discuss the cost of a funeral; on the contrary, it is an issue that needs to be addressed at length.
In an ever-changing world where the words “financial crisis,” “unemployment,” and “pension deficit” are no longer just financial terms but the daily life of most, the cost of a funeral must be treated realistically. It should be analyzed openly and with clarity and sincerity.

What to expect from us:

Call us. We will gladly give you our advice by putting our many years of experience at your disposal.
We will help you find what you want and what meets your financial capabilities sthrough various possibilities and different services. We adapt to your requirements, desires, and, of course, to your budget for the ceremony.
You will immediately receive a rough calculation of the estimated cost, which will be binding on us! So you are not going to face any “unpleasant surprises”.
Suppose, due to the circumstances, there is a need for services not selected in the original agreement. In that case, all additional services will be agreed upon jointly either by phone or by appointment and always in advance.
Our inalienable goal is absolute transparency regarding the various expenses and the total cost of a funeral ceremony. This presupposes the timely preparation of a budget that will be detailed and according to the wishes and decisions of the customer. We are always guided by the principles of clarity, transparency, honesty, and completeness of cooperation.

A funeral is as unique as the one who gives the order to implement it. That is why we consider it necessary to have a personal consultation with you to select the services you want, clarify all the doubts, answer all the possible questions, and make the final decisions before giving the order for the implementation of the ceremony.

Since the provision of funeral expenses in Germany has been abolished by the state insurance companies, everyone must now pay for his funeral. Most people want a funeral service that is in line with the deceased’s life, satisfies his last wishes and expresses the family’s feelings.

For this reason, important decisions must be made: burial or cremation, priest or funeral speech, decoration of the church or hall with flowers, funeral or anonymous burial. You alone can answer these questions according to your financial means and the wishes of the person who just passed.

Regarding the cost of body transport, we must stress that it is pretty high. For this reason, it would be good to have the appropriate insurance coverage that will reimburse all possible costs that will arise. Otherwise, you must be financially prepared to meet the body transport cost.

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