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The Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home was founded to offer you the proper funeral ceremony you wish for your loved one. For this reason, we offer you the burial, cremation, or transport of the body of your loved one at exceptionally affordable prices.

Our competitive advantage is not only our prices and our professionalism; above all, it is our compassion and respect for the loss of human life and the emerging needs of the family of the deceased.

Knowing that the organization of a funeral ceremony is a sensitive and delicate procedure in which there is no room for error or inconsistency, we commit ourselves to carry out the whole burial process, funeral, cremation, or body transportation with attention to details and with respect, professionalism, and dignity.

We provide you with valuable and professional advice expressing compassion for your profound pain.

We pride ourselves on handling any individual service with deference, respect, clarity, transparency, and above all, with an unmatched level of professionalism. The Greek Alpha – Omega Funeral Home will support and help you design a funeral service that reflects your desires regardless of religion and religious beliefs.

You simply express your preferences for a farewell according to your needs and financial capabilities, and we take care of its ideal design. You envision the ceremony you desire, and we implement it down to the last detail.

The whole earth is the tomb of important men. (Pericles, 430 BC)

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